Use your vote to ensure strong representation for Northern Ireland

Use your vote to ensure strong representation for Northern Ireland

Voting has opened for the election of members to RIBA council and for the election of the next RIBA president. To ensure that the voice of Northern Irish architects is heard at RIBA all RSUA members are encouraged you to use their vote. Vote today and get it out of the way.

Regardless of who you choose to vote for it is important that they have a mandate from the members of RSUA. This can not be truly achieved without a high turnout.

By now all members should have received their voting pack by email or post. RSUA members are standing in three separate elections – your vote matters in each case.

  1. National representatives on RIBA council (UK-wide election)
  2. Northern Ireland’s representative on RIBA council (NI-only election)
  3. RIBA president

UK-wide election – John Cole  

John Cole, past president of RSUA, is standing for election to RIBA council in the UK-wide election. On the basis of previous elections John will need over 500 votes in order to get elected. With over 700 joint RSUA/RIBA members in Northern Ireland it is within the power of members here to get John elected. It is all dependent on members using their vote.

Click on the links to read John’s election statement and watch his opening address at the recent RIBA election hustings in Belfast.

NI’s Representative on RIBA Council – Martin Hare or Saul Golden

Northern Ireland is represented on RIBA council by the RSUA president, currently Paul Crowe, along with a member directly elected by the membership in Northern Ireland. The two candidates for this single seat are Saul Golden and Martin Hare.

Click on the links to read their election statements and watch their opening addresses at the hustings.

Saul’s election statement           Martin’s election statement

Saul’s opening address              Martin’s opening address


RIBA President – Alan Jones, Ben Derbyshire, Andrew Salter

Alan Jones, past president of RSUA, is vying to become to the first person from Northern Ireland to become RIBA president. The other two candidates for RIBA president are Ben Derbyshire and Andrew Salter.

Click on the links to view their election websites and to watch their opening address at the Belfast hustings:

Alan Jones’ website: 

Alan’s opening address

Ben Derbyshires’s website:

Ben’s opening address

Andrew Salter’s website: 

Andrew did not want his opening address to be broadcast.


Your voting pack provides details on how to vote but in case you want to cast your votes right now you can click on the link to go straight to the online voting website. Voting closes on 8th August 2016.