RSUA responds to New Housing Supply Strategy


RSUA has responded to the New Housing Supply Strategy call for evidence as requested by the Department for Communities.

The strategy plans include increasing housing supply and affordable options across all tenures, providing housing solutions to help the vulnerable and homeless, and improving housing quality.

RSUA said: “Quality is at the core of sustainable housing which by its nature is built so that it will meet the needs of future statutory regulations. The quality should encompass not only quality of construction, but also including indoor air quality, high levels of comfort (as defined by the international standard ISO 7730), whilst at the same time delivering very low running costs.”

The plans also include measures to enhance and develop thriving communities, and to support the transition to carbon neutrality.

While agreeing with the whole system approach proposed in the plans, RSUA has expressed concern that the 15-year time frame needs to be frontloaded with activities and commitments which realise the maximum benefit as early as possible.

To this end, the proposed multi-year action plans are crucial.

Other barriers highlighted included the lack of shared housing policy vision among the main Northern Ireland political parties and lack of ambition around what could potentially be achieved, as well as existing building regulations requirements and insufficient funding for social housing.

The full response, which was put together by Paul McAlister (RSUA President-Elect), can be viewed here.