RSUA renews Local Groups


RSUA is renewing its Local Group set-up and members are invited to register interest in participating in the RSUA Local Group where they live, work or have a personal connection to.

The renewal is timely as COVID-19 restrictions ease and with RSUA’s new Policy and Public Affairs Officer starting in October.

The role of the Local Groups is as follows:

Headline purpose

To positively influence the future of the built environment in the Local Council area for the benefit of all citizens.

How will this purpose be achieved

  • Contribute to the development of the Council’s Local Development Plan and associated planning policies.
  • Offer briefing sessions to Local Councillors to enhance their understanding of architecture and the benefits of good design.
  • Encourage Councils to employ a Council/City Architect and/or to make use of design reviews with an external body like RSUA.
  • Meet with senior Local Council officials to discuss the procurement of architects’ services in a way that enables architects to provide optimum value to rate payers.
  • Engage with senior planning and building control officers at least once per year to identify any problems and to propose solutions.
  • Develop proposals for positive changes to the built environment in the Local Council area or propose changes to Local Council policies.
  • Facilitate a well-connected network of architects within the Local Council.
  • Demonstrate and celebrate the positive contribution made by architects to the Local Council area.
  • Organise collective continuous professional development events for architects within the Local Council area.
  • Respond to Local Council consultations relating to the built environment
  • Create connections between the 11 RSUA Local Groups in order to share experiences of what has worked well as a group.

Public benefit

Local Councils have a critical role in shaping the future of the built environment in their local area through investment, regulation and promotion. By engaging constructively with the Council, the RSUA Local Group can help the built environment develop in a way which supports health and wellbeing, enhances economic activity and addresses climate change.

Local Group Chairs

Local GroupGroup Chair
Antrim & NewtownabbeyAdam Joyce
Ards & North DownBarry Patterson
Armagh Banbridge & CraigavonGrace Wilson
Causeway Coast & GlensMurray Bell
Derry & StrabanePaul McGarvey
Fermanagh & OmaghWayne Hazlett
Lisburn & CastlereaghAngus Waddington
Mid & East AntrimNeil Mathews
Mid UlsterRoger Sally

We are currently seeking a Chair for the following group:

  • Belfast City


Anyone who would like to join a Local Group or put their name forward as Chair of Belfast City Local Group can contact Jude Faloon at  

RSUA aims to hold a meeting of each group before the end of the 2021.