Calling Architects – Sign up for Ask An Architect 2018

Last year ask an architect raised over £7,000 to support clinical trials and cancer research in Northern Ireland whilst helping to increase awareness of the valuable role of architects to society.

It was only the second year of this initiative but with the creation of the new website and the introduction of a number of steps to broaden the awareness of ask an architect, the number of bookings doubled as did the funds raised.

In 2018 we aim to build on that success. We believe that ask an architect offers an excellent platform for architects to engage with the public about their work and the value that it delivers.

If your practice has not participated in ask an architect yet please consider making 2018 the year to start.

The concept is simple. A chartered architect offers an hour long consultation to a member of the public in return for a donation of £40 to charity.

2018 Commitment

This year we are asking practices to commit to raising at least £120 for the charity. All donations go to the Friends of the Cancer Centre through its partnership with the Jill Todd Trust. Ideally this would be achieved by securing at least three ask an architect bookings (at £40 per booking) but failing that by fundraising in some other way or by making a donation to make up any shortfall. Last year it was clear that when practices actively promoted ask an architect that securing three bookings was very achievable.

We are also providing additional flexibility this year. Whilst we will still focus our promotional efforts around a single week in May we are officially opening up the potential for bookings to be made and appointments held with a participating architect at any point after the booking site goes live in February 2018. Practices will be able to set the maximum number of appointments that they will offer.

In return for your commitment to ask an architect 2018 your practice will be:

  • promoted on the ask an architect website
  • promoted by RSUA via social media
  • permitted to use the ask an architect branding for promotional purposes
  • granted heavily discounted access to an Social Media Essentials for Architects workshop with one of Northern Ireland’s leading social media tutors – Bill McCartney on 28th March.
  • Ideally placed to benefit from the widespread publicity we are aiming to generate.

Not just for domestic clients

As this is a public facing initiative there is often a presumption that it is only relevant to potential domestic clients. However we believe that it can also provide a useful platform for engaging with the full breadth of clients to highlight the services that you offer. Often connections through commercial or public work will have other projects that they are considering in a work, personal or voluntary capacity. Often clients ask for small bits of work as a favour and would be happy to make a donation to charity for one of those favours.

In for 2018?

To participate as a practice in 2018 please register online here.


As a trial last year RSUA and PLACE entered three ask an architect teams in the Belfast marathon. It provided a good opportunity to raise awareness of ask an architect and the teams did an amazing job with fundraising. We intend entering teams again this year and hope that with a bit more planning we can do it better. The marathon this year is on 7th May 2018. If you would like to take part please contact Julia Leaker on or 028 9032 3760. This is open to everyone regardless of any other participation in ask an architect.