Belfast City Council seeks views on Belfast Economic Strategy

Belfast City Council (BCC) has launched a consultation seeking the public’s view on the Draft Belfast Economic Strategy to engage as many people as possible in shaping the final strategy. The Draft Belfast Economic Strategy sets an outline roadmap for the growth and development of Belfast’s economy from 2022-2030. The Draft Strategy aims to:

  • Deliver the promise of Belfast’s economic potential and position it as a driver for prosperity and growth across NI.
  • To deliver sustainable and inclusive growth for the city and lay the foundations for the development of key technologies that will drive growth in the economy of the future.

The strategy is built around the following guiding principles:

  • Just Transition: The aim of a just transition is to minimise the potential harms and maximise the opportunities as we move to a low carbon economy. No one should be left behind by the transition to net zero.
  • Inclusivity: Our strategy has the clear ambition of growing the economy inclusively. Inclusive growth will increase economic growth while reducing the gaps between the living standards of local residents. This strategy will be a key lever in delivering on the Belfast Agenda’s inclusive growth ambitions, enabling communities to fulfil their potential and to participate in and benefit from economic growth. This strategy also shares the ambitions of the Belfast Innovation and Inclusive Growth Commission’s (IIGC) Reset for Growth recommendations on using innovation and skills to drive inclusive growth across the city.
  • Resilience and Sustainability: This involves setting Belfast on a pathway to reach our decarbonisation ambition to be Carbon neutral by 2050. A sustainable future also includes building the resilience of our communities, economy, and infrastructure to the realities of the Climate Emergency.
  • Innovation-focused: Our economic strategy targets an innovation-driven economy that supports new ideas and helps turn them into investable realities that will deliver benefits for innovators, their staff, and their communities.
  • Evidence-driven and collaborative: Our strategy is based on robust evidence from existing academic and policy literature and field evidence from stakeholders from within Belfast City Council. We have also engaged with partners including Innovation City Belfast, Invest NI, Department for the Economy, Department for Communities, Tourism NI, and the Department for International Trade in the development of the strategy and its recommendations.

To view the consultation document, click here.

To view the consultation survey questions, click here

This consultations deadline is 9th January 2023, if you would like to contribute to RSUA’s response please email