Sixth Carbon Budget for Northern Ireland launched


The Sixth Carbon Budget, required under the Climate Change Act, provides UK Ministers with the Climate Change Committee’s recommendation on the level of greenhouse gases the UK as a whole can emit during the period 2033–2037. It was published on 9 December 2020. Supported by new analysis from the Climate Change Committee, the Sixth Carbon Budget set out for the first time the detailed pathway to meeting the UK’s Net Zero target in 2050.

For Northern Ireland, a reduction of 82% from the 1990 baseline level of greenhouse gases will be required if the UK is to reach Net Zero by 2050. The report highlights that the relative importance of agriculture to the wider economy makes Net Zero difficult to achieve in Northern Ireland but mitigations such as tree planting can assist.

Sector specific publications on surface transport, manufacturing and construction, buildings and other topics of interest to architects are available from the Climate Change Committee’s website