RSUA’s response to ARB’s consultation on education and training reforms

The Architects Registration Board (ARB) launched a consultation seeking feedback on new education and training reforms for architects.

The deadline to this consultation was 10th May 2023. RSUA has formulated a response in conjunction with the education and careers committee. Special thanks to Alan Jones, Jennifer Harper and Jenny Russell.  

This consultation focuses on what changes are required to architectural education. RSUA welcomes that. However, RSUA believes that ARB has not given sufficient attention to the practicalities of delivering the proposed new model of education. RSUA believes that the model would not be deliverable at current funding levels and the course content could not be delivered in the proposed timeframe.

Key points from RSUA’s response include:

RSUA agrees that accessibility to the profession will be increased by allowing the following two categories of person potential access to an Architecture Masters course: people with undergraduate degrees from outside the UK and people with related degrees/relevant practice experience. However, we do not believe that accessibility will be significantly improved for people from lower-income backgrounds. RSUA would support a clear acknowledgement from ARB that the standard route in the UK into a Masters in Architecture would still be through an Undergraduate Architecture Degree.

RSUA believes there should be a stronger emphasis on:

  • Health and life safety in design
  • Time and programme management (Not clear where this is covered)
  • Risk management
  • Designing within a budget
  • Developing leadership skills

The understanding by the profession of the competence outcomes could be enhanced by using the language and referencing the multitude of laws, regulations, contracts and guidance that architects interact with. It would also be useful to have a discussion about the relative importance/weighting of competence outcomes – it is not just a matter of whether something is included or not.

To view RSUA’s response, please click here.

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