RSUA seeks financial support for architecture students in the workplace


RSUA has written to the Economy Minister Diane Dodds MLA regarding the financial incentives which will be offered to employers to recruit and retain apprentices, encouraging her to consider a mechanism to ensure this fund can assist the retention of students training to be architects in Northern Ireland.

Architects currently undertake a blend of college and workplace training but architectural study does not currently fit within the parameters of ApprenticeshipsNI or the Higher-Level Apprenticeship programmes. The tables below show the breakdown of location and duration of training.

YearPlace of trainingDuration in months
4On the job training12
7On the job training12
 MonthsProportion of total time in training
Time at college4565%
Time on the job training2435%

RSUA is concerned that in this extremely difficult economic time there is a real danger that employers will be unable to provide students of architecture with the opportunity to complete the 24 months of on-the-job training that are required to qualify as an architect. This could lead to a skills shortage in future years and a brain-drain as students move away to find on-the-job training opportunities elsewhere. 

RSUA has asked that:

  • the proposed support scheme is extended to provide financial support to employers of architecture students undertaking their required 24 months of on-the-job training;
  • to meet with the Minister and officials to discuss how the Apprenticeship Challenge Fund might be used to help provide additional routs for training to become an architect in Northern Ireland.