RSUA responds to calls for the demolition of Bank Buildings facade

Statement from Joan McCoy, President of the Royal Society of Ulster Architects (RSUA), in response to calls for the façade of the Bank Buildings to be demolished


Joan McCoy said:


“Following the fire at Bank Buildings it is vitally important for Belfast that a solution is found that allows all traders in the city centre to return to something close to normality over these key months in the run up to Christmas. We do not believe this will require the demolition of the façade of the Bank Buildings. The current proposals for an extensive exclusion zone being in place for four months seems excessive and we are seeking details of why this is deemed necessary.”


“At this stage we see no reason why the facade cannot be externally supported and a reduced cordon put in place. Whilst this would not allow for vehicle movement in the area, importantly it would enable the flow of people.”


“To further enhance the area and bolster trade we would propose that the whole of Royal Avenue, as well as Castle Place and part of Castle Street, is completely pedestrianised whilst a reduced cordon remains in place. We would also encourage Belfast City Council and the appropriate Government Departments to work with other bodies to enhance and enliven the streetscape during this period.”