RSUA Council discussion: The built environment post COVID-19


At the RSUA Council meeting on 11 May 2020, a discussion on some of the potential changes to the built environment post COVID-19 took place. A wide range of views were expressed by members with some expecting substantial changes in the short and long term whilst others expected change to be much more modest. The discussion gave consideration to:

  • the short-term impact of COVID-19 over the first few months of the pandemic and in the months ahead where social distancing measures are expected to continue to be applied. 
  • the possible long term direct and indirect consequences of COVID-19 

Many members spoke of the unique opportunity that has been created to reflect on the priorities in life.

The areas covered by the discussion were:

1. Workplace

2. Travel

3. Outdoor space and density

4. Economic change and shopping

5. Other topics

A structured summary of the discussion is available to view here.