Procurement Committee report


The RSUA Procurement Committee met on 13 January 2021 to discuss a range of issues relating to public procurement and seeking improvements which would deliver better projects for citizens in Northern Ireland.

RSUA will increase its engagement with NIHE this year in the context of its plans to start building new homes again and significantly improve the energy efficiency of its existing stock..

Members received a report on RSUA’s engagement with the Education Authority regarding a number of issues including price to quality ratio, scope of services, and project delivery timelines. RSUA is arranging a further meeting with the EA to discuss these matters.

Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance also discussed, particularly the level required for public projects. RSUA has written to the Construction and Procurement Delivery unit at the Department of Finance (CPD) to proposing potential policy change.

The Committee continues to seek updates on:

  • Belfast City Council’s proposed Framework for Professional Services
  • The identification of a project for a public sector open design competition