RIBA H&S assessment can’t be only for England


RSUA has responded mostly positively to a RIBA consultation on mandatory competences which aims to ensure that Chartered Members have a fundamental level of awareness and understanding of priority subjects.

RIBA has proposed that every five years, UK Chartered Members will have to pass an assessment in Health and Safety in order to renew their membership. The plan is to extend this to cover Climate Literacy and Ethical Practice in due course. The full proposal can be viewed on the RIBA website

A pilot Health and Safety assessment, which members can undertake here, has already been launched.  

RSUA has suggested that the proposal would be improved by: 

  • linking these assessments to the existing RIBA CPD points schedule
  • adjusting CPD requirement objectives to better align with the Mandatory Competences
  • publishing free targeted guides to help members prepare for the assessments.

A significant reservation for RSUA is that the proposed assessments appear to focus too heavily on English legislation and regulations. This would put jurisdictions with different legislation at a disadvantage, and so a meeting has been sought with RIBA to discuss these issues. 

View the full RSUA response here.

RSUA thanks Hana Stolcovah and the RSUA Council members for preparing this response.