Infrastructure Investment Pipeline Report Launched

The Strategic Investment Board (SIB) has published the first edition of the Infrastructure Investment Pipeline report at (see bottom right)

The idea behind the pipeline report is to give the construction industry an overview of what projects are coming to the market and when.

RSUA attended a Pipeline Subgroup of the Construction Industry Forum on 2 September 2015 to discuss the first edition before it went live.

Whilst welcoming the overall aim of the Pipeline report RSUA highlighted the incompleteness of the information as very few design procurements were listed. RSUA proposed that the threshold for design procurements to be listed should be lowered and that the value ranges adjusted to accommodate this.

RSUA suggested that the pipeline should also indicate the likelihood of a project proceeding to its current timetable and enable the industry to monitor project slippage.

The Government Construction Clients have agreed to review the content for the next edition