Government consultation proposes changes to fire safety in Building Regulations


The Department of Finance (DoF) has launched a consultation seeking views on the proposed amendments to Part E (Fire safety) of the Building Regulations and supporting guidance in Technical Booklet E.

The proposed changes to Part E regulations and guidance aim to reduce the consequences of fire through saving lives and preventing injuries. The proposals include:

  • A new functional regulation in Part E to require the person carrying out the work to provide adequate fire safety information to the person who has fire safety duties in any ‘relevant premises’ as defined under ‘The Fire and Rescue Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006’ (FRS(NI)O). The requirement will also apply to buildings containing flats with a storey more than 11m above ground level.
  • A new prescriptive regulation in Part E to require the provision of suitable automatic fire suppression systems (e.g. sprinklers) in certain types of buildings. These buildings will include buildings containing flats and specific purpose-built student accommodation, both with a storey more than 11m above ground level. All residential care premises, including residential care homes, nursing homes, children’s homes and family resident centres, irrespective of storey height will also be included.
  • A number of changes to Technical Booklet E (Fire safety) such as guidance to the new requirement for provision of fire safety information and guidance on sprinklers to the new requirement to install suitable automatic fire suppression systems.

To view the consultation documents, click here. To view the consultation survey questions, click here.

RSUA is forming a small working group to develop a response to this consultation. If you have an interest in fire safety and would be willing to contribute to the group, please contact Lucy on or 0748 334 6160.

This consultation’s deadline is 25th September 2023. RSUA members are encouraged to respond to the consultation individually. To assist you, we will issue the RSUA draft response to all members in advance of the deadline.