The Architect’s Guide to Social Media

Proposed RIBA Topic: Business, clients and services

Architecture is by its nature a visual profession and social media sites are great places to showcase practices and your projects. In fact, social media is the perfect way to tell your story and explain the value of your services before clients even realise that they need you.

This two hour session will look at some of the ways social media can help you stand out and create effective, engaging and targeted messaging. It will equip you with the expertise and knowledge you need to take content you already have and bring your designs to life, all while showcasing your skills and raising awareness of what makes your practice distinctive. In advance of the session, Alan will review participants social media feeds to inform the session.

We’ll consider the benefits and challenges of different social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and review case-studies of good and not-so-good practice. This seminar will also explore how to embed architecture in the imagination of potential clients.

  • Setting the context
  • Overview of social media platforms with reference to case-studies
  • How can you decide where to focus your online effort?
  • Tracking progress, measuring success and tuning your strategy
  • How to stay out of trouble

The session will be as interactive as possible with lots of conversation around your organisation and experiences as well as some case studies and discussion about the opportunity that social media offers.

Due to the interactive nature of this seminar, places are limited to 15


Alan Meban offers social media training, coaching and consultancy, often with small businesses and charities or academic institutions. He is a prominent freelance journalist covering politics (Slugger O’Toole), technology (Sync NI) and culture (Alan in Belfast). He has provided tailored social media training to a wide range of clients and he chairs FactCheckNI’s advisory panel.