Planning: Getting off the transport roundabout

2pm to 4.30pm Tuesday 15th October 2019

Planning is one of the biggest challenges for architects working in Northern Ireland and one of the most problematic aspects of the planning process is transport. To help members make the most of the current system and to achieve the best outcomes for our built environment, RSUA has organised a workshop with leading transport consultant Karen McShane, ‘Planning: Getting off the transport roundabout’.

Course Content

Overview of the transport assessment
Development Control Advice Note (DCAN) 15
Design Manual for Road and Bridges (DMRB)
How to communicate effectively with Transport NI – in writing, by phone and face-to-face
Maximising the benefit of Pre-Application Discussion with Transport NI
The role of guidance, conflicts between different guides and how to approach a project
that is not in line with an element of guidance

Karen McShane

Karen is a chartered civil engineer and one of the leading transport consultants in Northern Ireland with extensive experience of transport assessments, travel plans, mobility management plans and planning appeals. Karen was previously Director of Transportation at RPS, is a past chair of the ICE Northern Ireland Region and is currently the chair of CIHT (NI).

Key details:

Course duration:                2.5 hours

When:                                  2pm to 4.30pm, 15th October 2019

Where:                                 Lecture Room 1 at Riddell Hall, Stranmillis Road, Belfast.

Directions:                          Link/map