Recognising RAAC – Background, Risk Factors,Investigations and Management

The Concrete Society, Northern Ireland Region, invites you to a talk by Enda McKenna.

The Standing Committee on Structural Safety (SCOSS) issued an Alert in May 2019 following the unexpected collapse of a Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) roof slab within a school. Since then, further RAAC failures have occurred forcing the partial or complete closure of some schools prior to the commencement of the academic year. The nationwide media attention surrounding RAAC has led asset owners and managers to consider whether this material is present in their buildings. The issues surrounding RAAC have been known to very few engineers for some time. However, the vast majority of construction professionals have little or not experience of this material.

This talk will aim to educate and increase the attendee’s awareness of RAAC by:

Providing a background into the history, manufacture and typical installation details of RAAC
Discussing the various risks associated with RAAC
Providing advice on how to recognise RAAC and what is involved during the investigations and assessments.
Discussing the various ways in which RAAC can be managed once identified.

RAAC samples from roof planks and load bearing walls will also be on display to allow attendees to visibly appreciate and inspect the material.

This will be an in-person event only and no streaming or recording of the talk will be available.

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