Carbon management conversations: examples and the PAS 2080 standard. 


Join us for this joint ICE and CIHT event to hear about key developments in carbon management, including case studies and best practice. Learn more about the PAS 2080 standard for carbon management in infrastructure and the built environment, and join in a discussion with our expert panel. 

PAS 2080 is globally applicable standard for managing carbon in buildings and infrastructure.  It looks at the whole value chain and aims to reduce carbon and cost through intelligent design, construction and use. 

An update to the standard was published in 2023, sponsored by the ICE, which is freely available. There is also a supporting guidance document.  

PAS 2080:2023 not only promotes reduced carbon but encourages increased value delivery, a culture of challenging convention as well as fostering other co-benefits such as climate resilience and nature-based solutions. 

In this event, we will hear about the standard’s newly broadened scope from one the technical authors of PAS 2080, Mimi Zimmer. She will discuss how the standard can be used as part of a systems approach to whole-life carbon management and its application using the ‘PAS City’ example featured in the guidance document. In addition, we will hear from Sian Kerr, Director of Transport Planning and Policy, DfI, who will discuss the strategic challenges in decarbonising infrastructure and from David Deakin, Technical Director, AECOM, who will discuss the development of the Road Emissions Model for Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII).   

The event will close with an interactive conversation, chaired by ICE Vice President David Porter. 

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