ECAF Summer Social: Designing your own house

All Early Career Architects are invited to the ECAF Summer Social Event at the Sunflower Bar, Belfast, at 5pm on Friday 22 July 2022.

The event continues the series of ‘What I’m Working On’ but takes it offline and gives everyone a chance to meet up in person over a drink or two.

At the social we’ll hear from early career architects who are designing and building their own home, including:

  • Katherine McCann: Owner of Katherine McCann architects in Magherafelt. Katherine is currently completing construction of a new house, incorporating a ovel pre- fab concrete system
  • Rachel Larmour: Rachel is a Digital Construction Coordinator at McLaughlin & Harvey and has recently completed the conversion of a 200-year-old industrial mill in Co. Down into a family home.

This social event will be a great opportunity to share experiences about the practicalities of building your own home, acting as designer, client….and in some cases builder.

Admission is free, however registration for tickets is required (please see below)

The event is open to all early career architects. Early career is defined as the first ten years of active work as an architect. Periods where an architect is not actively working as an architect are not considered part of the first ten years. Click on the link for more information on the RSUA Early Career Architects Forum.