Early Career Architects Summer Social

All Early Career Architects are invited to the Early Career Architects Forum (ECAF) Summer Social Event which is taking place at 5pm on Friday 19 July 2024 in the Sunflower Bar.

The event brings together early career architects from Northern Ireland to have an informal evening of chat, food and drink. This year the theme is ‘Challenging Authorities: How architects effect change’. Aisling Rusk, founder of Studio idir, and Ciarán Mackel, founder of ArdMackel, will chat about their experience and get the conversation going.

Admission is free, however registering is required. You can book your tickets here.

This social event will be a great opportunity to share experiences and there will also be some complimentary pizza and drinks thanks to sponsorship from Cosentino.

The event is open to all early career architects. Early career is defined as the first ten years of active work as an architect. Periods where an architect is not actively working as an architect are not considered part of the first ten years. Click on the link for more information on the RSUA Early Career Architects Forum.