Dfl launches consultation on changes to planning permitted development rights

The Department for Infrastructure (DfI) has launched a consultation seeking the public’s view on the proposed changes to the Permitted Development Rights for Domestic Microgeneration Equipment and Reverse Vending Machines. This consultation is part of DfI’s continuing review of permitted development rights in light of its approach to better regulation.

The proposed revisions from this consultation will mean that, subject to conditions and limitations, the need to submit a planning application for these developments will no longer be necessary, aiming to:

  • Make it easier and quicker for homeowners to install low carbon heat pumps and for retailers to install reverse vending machines to promote and facilitate higher levels of recycling.
  • Provide a considered balance between lightening the regulatory burden on businesses and individuals (and reducing any associated costs) while protecting the environment, amenity and public safety.

Deregulation by removing more development from the requirement for planning permission from councils will increase permitted development thresholds and intends to reduce the administrative and financial burden of the planning system on businesses and the public. Benefits include:

  • Homeowners will not have to meet the costs for planning applications upfront or as part of an installation cost for installing domestic heat pumps.
  • Reduced costs associated with preparing and submitting a planning application.
  • Reducing the need for councils to assess planning applications for development with limited impacts allowing them to concentrate on larger development of more strategic benefit to their local area.

RSUA recognises the importance and necessity of this consultation’s role in reviewing parts of the planning system to remove additional constraints and costs by proposing increased permitted development thresholds.

To view the consultation, click here.  

The RSUA Climate Emergency Committee will be responding, if you have any comments please send to lucy@rsua.org.uk by Friday 2nd December 2022.