BSI produces new interim standard for building safety


The British Standards Institutions (BSI) has published BSI Flex 8670 which sets out core criteria for building safety competence, including fire safety, structural safety and public health, to be included in sector-specific frameworks for individuals working in the built environment.  This is a key development in the enhancement of competences to improve building safety.  

This BSI Flex is the result of the Advisory Group – established in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy – reaching consensus on the comments received during two public consultations, with those outcomes being adopted in to the standard. Although the development process has now concluded, BSI Flex 8670 will be transitioning into a full British Standard (BS 8670) in 2022. In the interim, version 3 of BSI Flex 8670 is available to download and use from the following link:

The link also takes you to supporting documentation which provides the context for the work, how people should interact with BSI Flex 8670 and the process going forward. Anyone who is unfamiliar with the work programme should read these documents.

BSI is seeking feedback on using BSI Flex 8670 in order to make BS 8670 even better. Please provide this, by answering some specific questions, via this feedback form. Clause by clause commenting can be made through our standards development portal. BSI Flex 8670 will be available until BS 8670 is published, unless BSI receives authoritative advice to withdraw it. .