Architecture Night 2023



It’s not long to go until Architecture Night 2023! This year’s event will be held in the King’s Hall, Belfast. Built in 1933/34 to the designs of Leitch and Partners, Glasgow, this venue hosted exhibitions, fairs, music concerts and boxing matches up until 2012 when it closed its doors. Since then the wider site has been developed but the centre-piece has remained almost untouched.

We are delighted to welcome back our host who has been with us from the start in 2016, BBC’s Ireland correspondent Mark Simpson, who will masterfully guide us through the three parts of the evening. Part 1 celebrates the vital role of non-architects to architecture. Part 2 focuses on the architects of the future. Finally, Part 3 will focus on the RSUA/JP Corry Design Competition for Early Career Architects.

There will be complimentary drinks and food at each part of the evening, live music throughout, as well as plenty of opportunities to chat and bump into people you know, and people you don’t.

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