Architects Renew Commitment to Fair Pay for Part 1 Graduates

Over the past six years, RSUA has sought to tackle the issue of fair pay for Part 1 graduates following some reports of unattractive and at times exploitative terms and conditions.

79 practices have now signed up to the RSUA Commitments to Fair Pay for Part 1 Graduates. The headline commitment is to pay a minimum of the Real Living Wage as set by the Living Wage Foundation.

On 22nd September 2022 it was announced that the recommended UK Real Living Wage will increase from £9.90 an hour to £10.90 an hour and that employers should implement this increase no later than 14th May 2023. Click here to read the updated RSUA Commitments to Fair Pay for Part 1 Graduates.

The following is a list of the 79 organisations currently championing fair pay for part 1 graduates:

AECOMHLM ArchitectsOstick +Williams
Alan Jones ArchitectsHMD ArchitectsPaul McAlister Architects
Alan Patterson DesignHPA ArchitecturePaul McGarvey Architect
Alastair Coey ArchitectsHutcheson Irvine PartnershipPeter Drummond Architects
Allan Curran Architects LtdIain Stewart ArchitectPhilip Parker Architects
Architects Knox & MarkwellInvisible ArchitecturePHP Architects
ARdMackel ArchitectsJohn Kirkpatrick ArchitectR.Robinson and Sons
Arigho Larmour Wheeler ArchitectsKennedy Fitzgerald ArchitectsRachel Bevan Architects
ASI Architects LtdKevin Cartin Architects LtdRapport Architects
BCL ArchitectureLike ArchitectsRaymond Goodwin Architects
Bell ArchitectsManor ArchitectsRobert Bleakney Architects
Blamphin + AssociatesMcAdam DesignRobinson McIlwaine
Christopher McCauley ArchitectMcCann Moore ArchitectsRolston Architects
Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD)McCreanor & Co. ArchitectsRonan Downey Chartered Architect
David Wilson ArchitectMcGarry Moon ArchitectsRPP Architects Limited
Doherty ArchitectsMcGirr ArchitectsSamuel Stevenson & Sons
D-on ArchitectsMcGonigle McGrathShane Birney Architects
Feilden Clegg Bradley StudiosMcGurk ArchitectsStudio Idir
FM Corr and AssociatesMcLean & ForteStudio Rogers
Glen Massey ArchitectsMHA ArchitectsThe Boyd Partnership
GM Design Associates LtdMicah T Jones ArchitectTODD Architects
Gregory ArchitectsMichael Whitley ArchitectsTÓG Architecture
Hackett ArchitectsMilligan Reside Larkin ArchitectsTracey Architects
Hall Black DouglasMMAS ArchitectsWDR & RT Taggart
Hall McKnightMullarkey Pedersen ArchitectsWhite Ink
Hamilton ArchitectsNewline ArchitectsWhittaker and Watt Architects
Here Architects  

Uncommit or Recommit

These commitments are only of any value if they are honoured by all organisations that sign up to them. If you are a Fair Pay organisation, please ensure that you are meeting the commitments. Whilst the commitments are made voluntarily, having publicly made them, any breach of the commitments could be considered a breach of Standard 1 of the ARB Architects Code of Conduct. If you are aware of a Fair Pay employer failing to honour the commitments, please report this directly and confidentially via

Commit for first time

If your organisation is not currently listed above but you support the commitments, please contact Jude Faloonn by emailing This set of commitments applies equally to private sector and public sector employers.