Social Clauses for Architects

19 August 2015

Social Clauses for Architects

RSUA today met with the Strategic Investment Board (SIB) to discuss social clauses following their appearance in tender documents for integrated design services for projects being delivered through the Social Investment Fund.

RSUA raised its concerns that social clauses had been included in tender documents without any prior notification to the profession and highlighted the impracticality of the proposed clauses. On small works architects were being asked to provide a number of opportunities for jobseekers using schemes operated by the Department of Employment and Learning (DEL). RSUA stressed the need for such clauses to be agreed with the profession in advance, to be proportionate to the size of the contract and give clear guidance as to which DEL schemes were currently available.

SIB has agreed to review the social clauses and to engage further with RSUA.

If any members are concerned about the inclusion of social clauses in future tenders please contact Ciarán Fox. (